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2012 Events

Dear Farnham and district!

We would like to invite you to give us your views about what a Community Theatre in Farnham would mean for your group. We hope to provide Farnham with a venue which can be of help to groups like yours.

Our campaign is to demonstrate community support for a theatre and to ask the Council to return the Redgrave Theatre building to the people of Farnham or to have it replaced in the new development in East Street or elsewhere in the town. The Redgrave had excellent acoustics and sightlines as well as good backstage and front of house facilities and it was built largely through public subscription. The business case for a theatre in the town would be modelled on other successful venues of this kind and would rely on community participation with some seasons of professional theatre.

We are going to be present every Friday in the Lion and Lamb Yard, Farnham in the Surrey and Hants Office (next to Laura Ashley) between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm until Easter and would welcome any of your members who might like to discuss the issues with us there or by phone or email. Attached is a flyer which outlines our aim to provide a theatre in the town with community support.

FTA is also supporting a Community Play for Farnham, written professionally from research carried out in the town, acted by volunteers and directed by professionals from Claque Theatre - please see www.ourfarnham.org.uk  and www.claquetheatre.com representatives from the community play team will be in the office to enlist a wide range of volunteers with acting, singing, music, dance, design and technical skills.

We hope to see you or hear from you in the near future.

Please download this form to register your interest and send it to me... Documents/You_and_a_Community_Theatre.jpg

Or simply email me with your details to anne.cooper@farnhamtheatre.co.uk

With best regards,
Anne Cooper (FTA Chairman

Events continued

FTA held its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Saturday 24th October, 2.45pm at the United Reformed Church Hall in South Street, Farnham. As well as formal business musical entertainment was provided.

AGM 2009Members at the 2009 AGM

‘Book Bonanza – grab a bag and bag a book’ Saturday 15 May 2010 at United Reform Church Hall South Street. Email: info@farnhamtheatre.co.uk for more information and if you have unwanted books CDs, LPs or DVDs to donate for our FTA fundraising event.

A Community Play for Farnham – FTA supports Claque Theatre Company in exploring whether a community play for our town is possible through a series of meetings with residents. For further information contact info@farnhamtheatre.co.uk .

Click here to go to the Claque Website

Charles Dance in ‘When Astor met Pablo’
"When Astor Met Pablo" is a unique evening of music and words and music. Combining the love poetry of the great Chilean Pablo Neruda and the music of the giant of Argentinean tango Astor Piazzolla. The poetry will be read by Charles Dance, one of Britain's treasures of stage and screen. Charles will be accompanied by Soundstage, a group of some of the World's finest session and chamber musicians. The evening, which was received to great acclaim at the Union Chapel, London in 2007, has been devised by Tom Pigott-Smith who has written all the arrangements and translated the poems. It is an intoxicating mixture of Latin love poetry and the spirit of the Tango.  Go to programme - Charles Dance in ‘When Astor met Pablo’
Where: Farnham Maltings, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7QR
When: 10 May 2010
Time: 8pm
Price: £15
Booking: Box Office 01252 745 444 or email: info@farnhammaltings.com 

2005 - 2008 Events

Many of the entries below are referenced from articles in The Farnham Herald and other press titles. Contact the FTA for fuller details.

Bourne Show Winner
2008 Bourne Show Winner - the 3,000th objector to the demolition of The Redgrave Theatre winning a bottle of champagne.

2006 Farnham Theatre Association launched to raise money for a Theatre Report and Business Study. Michael Holden Associates commissioned to conduct study and Waverley Borough Council accept the Report to support the Council policy rather than the Redgrave.

2006 Over 2,000 people register objections to the Crest Nicholson Sainsbury planning applications to demolish the theatre without replacement.

2005 Waverley Borough Council Chief Executive Christine Pointer refuses any investigation into the re-use of the Redgrave as Waverley’s policy is to have “theatre provision” at Farnham Maltings. Corin Redgrave's health problems mean he cannot take on the theatre.

2005 MP Jeremy Hunt receives letter from Waverley Borough Council Chief Executive refusing his request to let surveyors into the theatre to assess its suitability for re-use as a theatre.

2005 Farnham Buildings Preservation Trust slam Waverley for allowing Grade II Listed Brightwell House, to which the theatre is attached, to deteriorate.


1998 - 2004 Events

Many of the entries below are referenced from articles in The Farnham Herald and other press titles. Contact the FTA for fuller details.

2004 Corin Redgrave expresses interest in using the theatre.

2004 The Save London’s Theatres Campaign backs saving the Redgrave and The Theatre’s Trust re-affirm support for retention of the venue as the performance space at the Maltings is unsatisfactory. The developers say they will include a theatre if Waverley ask them to do so.

2003 Waverley Borough Council drop investigation into a site for a “stand alone theatre for Waverley”.

2003 Waverley Borough Council portfolio holder for East Street says “No room for Redgrave on East Street”.

2003 Farnham Maltings to receive funding of £500,000 for its South Wing improvements as “a performance space”.

2003 Waverley Borough Council Property and Development Manager says no structural survey has been carried out as the building “is due to be demolished”

2002 Crest Nicholson Sainsbury appointed as developers for East Street.

2000 Waverley Borough Council Consultation on Brief for East Street. Theatres Trust advise of their objection to the demolition of The Redgrave “unless equivalent theatre facilities were provided elsewhere or financial assistance made available for the Maltings”

1999 New Farnham Repertory Company submit petition of ‘over 5000’ names to re-open the Redgrave together with a business plan to Waverley Borough Council which is refused.

1998 After many years of success, like many others, the theatre struggles in the 90s and is finally closed by Waverley Borough Council.





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