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FTA campaigns to save the Redgrave Theatre or to establish an alternative community cultural facility with a building of comparable or superior quality in Farnham. The Association is currently opposing plans to demolish the Redgrave, which is entirely suitable for restoration, as there are no plans for its replacement. The Redgrave Theatre is only 35 years old and was constructed using public money which was donated in good faith and trust to assist firstly, Farnham Urban District Council and subsequently Waverley Borough Council, in providing a community cultural based learning and entertainment facility for the people of Farnham.

Meeting with Jeremy Hunt, MP

Jeremy Hunt MPFTA’s meeting on 12 December 2009 with Jeremy Hunt MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport) was very positive. With Rebecca Ball, acting Director for Arts, South East Arts Council England (SEACE) we discussed how the expectations of the thousands of objectors to the demolition of the Redgrave could be met. Our MP suggested that as more Lottery money would return to the Arts once the Olympic Games were over, that FTA should apply for a grant of about £2.5 million towards the building of a new theatre, or possibly a smaller amount if the Redgrave was still available. This would represent half the money required with the remainder to be raised by FTA. We have since been advised at the MP’s request by Rebecca Ball of points to make when making the application.

Jeremy recently confirmed his strong support for theatre in Farnham and positively recognises its value to the community across a wide catchment area. This was stated at a specific meeting set up with him. FTA has compiled new financial information to assist Jeremy in furthering our case.

FTA believe that Waverley Borough Council see only costs and are understandably concerned that any new theatre – Redgrave or other - might create a draw on taxpayer’s funding. FTA intends to show the significant and powerful arguments which balance this viewpoint that take into account the wider perspective of ‘Cultural Capital’ Read...'The Financial Case'.

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