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Working for a regional theatre in Farnham

FTA in conversatin with The Farnham Society.
FTA acts for the benefit of the public in and around the area of Farnham, Surrey.  FTA keeps its Members and the Public informed of all current affairs and developments, local and national, relevant to its cause. We are a founder member of Performers Together cic


Our Vision
We will offer a theatrical venue of over 300 seats which will give audiences, performers and presenters excellent acoustics and sight-lines with intimate communication between stage and audience and which will provide the theatre-going public with facilities which are complementary to those available elsewhere in the area. The theatre would also provide a valuable social meeting-place at the heart of the town.

Our Campaign

FTA campaigns to save the Redgrave Theatre or to establish an alternative community cultural facility with a building of comparable or superior quality in Farnham.  The Association is currently opposing plans to demolish the Redgrave, which is entirely suitable for restoration, as there are no plans for its replacement. The Redgrave Theatre is only 35 years old and was constructed using public money which was donated in good faith and trust to assist firstly, Farnham Urban District Council and subsequently Waverley Borough Council, in providing a community cultural based learning and entertainment facility for the people of Farnham.

FTA has recently been awarded charitable status by HMRC which will enable us to receive tax deductable donations. Our aim is to set up a charitable trust in the future to run a theatre in Farnham.

FTA campaigns on these fronts

    FTA is involved in:
  • Presentations to explain the numerous benefits to the community of a local professional theatre
  • Engaging with educational establishments seeking to enhance theatrical, technical, managerial and literary knowledge and skills
  • Collaborating with organisations seeing to enhance community wellbeing
  • Helping to bring more visitors and tourists to the town for a longer stay
  • Helping Farnham residents and businesses to realise the benefits that theatre brings to the local economy and to all cross sections of society
  • Fund Raising to help our community cause
  • Appealing to Statutory bodies against misuse of public property and listed buildings
  • Campaigning on the streets to listen to the community’s needs and bring them to the attention of government
  • Linking with Amateur and Professional Theatre companies
  • Liaising with the Theatre’s Trust and other organisations and experts concerned with the protection of theatre buildings

Some brief facts about FTA

Theatre Ticket
  • Core FTA Membership of some 400 individuals
  • Simple operating structure
  • Five Directors of FTA Ltd.
  • Working Groups researching specific issues
  • A Legal Adviser
  • Publicity team
  • Treasurer
  • Website developer and advisor
  • Volunteer Organiser and associated teams
  • Membership Secretary

The FTA will work in co-operation with Farnham Maltings and other entertainment providers, to ensure that the people of Farnham and the surrounding area have a full range of entertainment opportunities throughout the year.

FTA continues to work with the Farnham Society to bring a more suitable development in East Street in line with residents’ wishes. "The overdevelopment of the scheme is quite wrong for Farnham and sacrifices some of our most treasured community leisure facilities. The whole of the historic Brightwell Estate - not just the theatre - is being sold off for the benefit of the developers, not the people of Farnham" says Anne Cooper

National supporters of FTA

The FTA is supported by BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union), EQUITY and The Theatres Trust.

Local supporters of FTA

The Farnham Society, The Farnham Trust, Farnham Theatre Archive Association, Farnham Rep, Farnham Visitors Forum, Tindle Newspapers, Andrew Lodge Estate Agents and Crown Litho of Guildford.