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Working for a regional theatre in Farnham

The demand for theatre in the Farnham area remains high and is increasing year on year.  The vast majority of people prefer professional theatre but where such a theatre does not exist then people seek out local productions or start up their own theatre companies.

In 2009 The Society of London's Theatre report found that:

There were over 14 Million attendances - in London

Actual revenue was over 1/2 billion at £504,765,690 - for London

In 2007 in the UK, the overall economic impact of UK theatre was estimated at £2.6 Billion annually - from a subsidy of £120 million this paid back £100 Million in VAT.
A Brighter Future: The case for investing in subsidised theatre, Equity, 2007
From this report FTA concludes that it costs the Government £20 Million to raise the cultural benefit of live theatre across the UK - equal to 33p per person which in turn added £43.33p per person to the economy - benefitting every person in the UK.
FTA are not seeking a subsidised theatre. The people of Farnham donated today's  equivalent of £2.5 Million for the Redgrave - we'd just be pleased to see it replaced or put back in operation as it was when Waverley took it away from Farnham.