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Working for a regional theatre in Farnham

Michael Holden's Theatre Report
The FTA raised £12,000 to commission a professional and independent Theatre Report and Business Study from a leading Theatre Consultant in 2006. Read the Executive Summary (link) for the overview of his findings or see the complete document here. You will see it is a fully authoritative and comprehensive analysis from this distinguished and acknowledged expert.

It bases findings on hard facts; it compares and contrasts existing and successful theatre models in other parts of the country. For any doubters of its veracity and independence, it is no exercise in nostalgia.

Key Findings

1. Latent, evidenced demand for a purpose built theatre exists in Farnham.

2. Such a theatre can be self-sustaining and does not have to rely on subsidy from Waverley Borough Council.

3. Re-opening a theatre in Farnham will have beneficial effects on the local economy and provide a better evening economy mix in the town centre together with other social and educational gains.

4. The most economic use of public capital resources is the retention of the Redgrave Theatre building.